Get tracked in remote areas

Beegle X-1 MicroTracker is a self-contained, fully autonomous Iridium tracker for aviation purposes, that is placed on the dash, set to ‘autonomous mode’ and left without any required intervention until you are notified by email or SMS to recharge it.

A single charge lasts approximately 50 hours of flight or 6 months without flight. It turns itself on and off automatically, sends notifications of take-off, landing, excessive rate of descent, low battery and of course, SOS activation.

It automatically adjusts the GPS intervals according to the phase of flight. Straight and level is at 5 minutes while maneuvering during departure and approach is 2 minutes.

Live tracking (flight following) is provided through our tracking portal, offering live information including ground speed, altitude, course, rate of climb, remaining battery capacity, SOS status and many others. Included is the ability to pull reports for any time period of interest.

Besides the standard features, our web portal provides useful tools such as estimating the time of arrival (ETA) at a destination just by selecting the measure tool and clicking on the destination.

Monitor the status of your assets in real time!
Full-featured tracking portal.


To update the firmware on the Beegle, you will need a PC running Windows (sorry Mac users!). Download the Firmware Updater Application, unzip (unzips to .exe executable so you might get a security warning – please ignore) and place in a convenient folder. Also download the latest firmware file and unzip to a suitable folder. Launch the Updater.exe application and select the .bin firmware file to update. Make sure your Beegle is connected by USB and select the COM port it has enumerated on, then hit the Update button.

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