Beegle Trackers are designed for aviators, by aviators – who also happen to be engineers. Our products are designed to provide unprecedented ease of use, yet feature rich, freeing up the pilot to focus on flying. Besides keeping people on the ground informed of your whereabouts, noteworthy events such as take-off, landing, high rate of descent, and many more, can easily be configured to be emailed or sent as a text message to interested parties.

Beegle is a trademark of Intricode Solutions, and comes from a high pedigree, having been in the Iridium tracking business for over 15 years with products ranging from animal and bird tracking, marine remote engine monitoring, personnel tracking and bespoke tracking solutions, and is a proud supplier to NASA.

Our devices are designed with pilot safety in mind. Our team brings experience from the Medical Device industry into aviation, providing the highest level of safety for our software and devices. This is bolstered by the use of Iridium Satellite Communications which has global coverage and very low latency, meaning near-instant notifications and no signal black spots. So no matter where you fly to… we have you covered.

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