Beegle X-1 MicroTracker is the market’s most cost effective and simple-to-use Iridium-based aircraft tracker for general aviation, designed by pilots, for pilots. It is suitable for private pilots, schools and charter companies alike. It’s self-powered and is placed on the dashboard or console of the aircraft and left alone until an SMS is sent to notify you to recharge it. This allows the pilot to focus on flying and avoids the dangerous consequences of forgetting to turn it on for a flight that suffers an emergency.  

A single charge lasts approximately 50 hours of flight or 6 months in standby mode. It turns itself on and off automatically and sends real-time notifications for take-off, landing, high rate of descent, low battery and SOS activation. The notifications can be email and/or SMS and are sent to account users of your choice. 

Having people on the ground know your whereabouts can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. That is because Search and Rescue normally commences only after 30 minutes of your planned ETA. This may be way too long in many situations where an accident would otherwise be survivable.

Asking ATC for flight following is all good until you fly outside of radar range, as is often the case for cross-country and many other VFR and IFR flights. Many pilots operate miles from any controlled airspace so this service would be unavailable. This is where having a Beegle X-1 aircraft tracker is a must as it will ensure the right people know where you are at all times. 

Beegle X-1 aircraft tracker SMS notifications

The Beegle X-1 has two methods of transmitting. The first method is at fixed intervals. This can be set at any value you like and is defined in minutes. So if you choose 5 minute intervals, you’ll get just under 17 hours of flying per month if you’re on the Data Plan 200. There’s also the Data Plan 750 for higher monthly airtime operations. The second option is the Adaptive Transmission Intervals (ATI) method where the Beegle X-1 decides how often it transmits. For regular A-B flying, it’s a much more cost-effective solution, tracking you at 1 minute intervals while maneuvering and every 10 minutes during straight and level. You can get many more hours from our data plans if you fly A-B routes. If you’re doing training or mountain flying or anything that sees regular course changes, go for the fixed interval options. Please visit our shop for more information on plans and pricing.

Beegle X-1 aircraft tracker web portal

Live tracking (flight following) is provided through our tracking portal, offering live information including ground speed, altitude, course, rate of climb, remaining battery capacity, SOS status and many others. Included is the ability to pull reports for any time period of interest.

Beegle X-1 ETA feature

Besides the standard features, our web portal provides useful tools such as estimating the time of arrival (ETA) at a destination just by selecting the measure tool and clicking on the destination. This can be particularly useful for charter companies who need to plan ground activities with tight schedules.


A number of dashboard widgets give all the information needed to keep track of the flight, including a visual aircraft in distress indicator. The tracking website is also mobile friendly so keeping track of business assets or loved ones has never been easier.

Beegle X-1 web portal overview


Full-featured tracking portal.


To update the firmware on the Beegle, you will need a PC running Windows (sorry Mac users!). Download the Firmware Updater Application, unzip (unzips to .exe executable so you might get a security warning – please ignore) and place in a convenient folder. Also download the latest firmware file and unzip to a suitable folder. Launch the Updater.exe application and select the unzipped .bin firmware file to update. Make sure your Beegle is connected by USB and select the COM port it has enumerated on, then hit the Update button.

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