Beegle Solar-Flight Crocodile Tracker

R17,995.00 excl. VAT

Note: cannot be used without data plan.


Beegle Solar-Flight Crocodile Tracker is a sub-150g solar powered Iridium tracking device for tracking crocodiles and other similar reptiles. The unit has a flexible transmission schedule which can be updated over the air. Equipped with an internal battery which supplies power at night and during overcast days or when in the shade. The battery can power the device for several weeks without any sun and recharges when sun is available. It also has an intelligent power management system which reduces power usage as the battery depletes. This ensures little to no data points are missed. The device has a built-in pressure sensor to measure water depth and time under water. These metrics are reported to the server once the crocodile surfaces.

By making use of the Iridium satellite constellation for communication, no terrestrial infrastructure is needed (base stations, repeaters, etc.). The position data from the animal is transmitted directly to satellites and made available on a web-based tracking portal which can be viewed at any time, from anywhere. This significantly reduces the costs, administration and environmental impact of tracking compared to traditional VHF methods where vehicles, large antennas, personnel and time are needed.