Beegle X-1 Aircraft Tracker

R9,995.00 excl. VAT

Beegle X-1 Aircraft Tracker

R9,995.00 excl. VAT

Beegle X-1 Aircraft Tracker.
Note: cannot be used without data plan.

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Beegle X-1 Aircraft Tracker is an affordable aircraft tracker making use of the Iridium satellite network for high-reliability and safety. The Adaptive Interval technology keeps costs down while providing unprecedented track resolution down to 1-minute intervals during maneuvering. The data it provides gives unprecedented situational awareness to ground personnel – a critical factor in search and rescue – and includes GPS speed, altitude, course and rate of climb/descent.  It includes several unique features which greatly improves the level of safety it provides. These include real-time notifications sent by SMS and/or email for landing and take-off, high rate of climb/descent and emergency switch activation. The fully autonomous operation allows you to place it on the dash and forget about it until you receive a text message notifying you to recharge it – an additional safety mechanism to reduce the risk of running out of battery. The battery typically lasts 720 position transmissions (gives 60 flight hours at 5-minute intervals) and at least 6 months in standby mode.


  • Carry-on tracker, no wiring needed
  • Easily transferable between aircraft
  • Turns itself on and off automatically
  • Take-off & Landing notifications sent as SMS to selected users
  • Built-in battery lasts 60 flight hours (at 5-minute intervals)

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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 90 × 110 × 40 cm


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