Wildlife Data Plan A (annual)

R5,600.00 excl. VAT

Plan includes up to 8 positions per day.


Price is for 12 months usage, equivalent to ~US32 per month. Provides up to 8 GPS positions per day.

The mandatory data included in each transmission is a timestamped GPS position, battery voltage and device temperature. Optional data includes GPS altitude, speed and course over ground (only reliable when speed is greater than zero). If optional data is required, the number of transmissions per day decreases due to the increase in data usage. For each addition optional data item, the number of allowable transmissions per day decreases to 7, 6, 6 for 1, 2, 3 data items respectively. Note that there is no difference between having 2 or 3 optional data items as both result in a maximum of 6 GPS positions per day.

Pricing shown in USD and converted to ZAR at time of purchase. All prices exclude VAT. Data plans are valid for 12 months and activate upon request.


How Billing is Calculated

When a tracker is billed for, the account for that device is loaded with credits equalling the period for which payment has been made. For example, a customer with 2 units, each having a 12-month billing period, results in a credit of 730 units (365 * 2) being applied to the account. When the devices are active, they each consume 1 unit of credit for each day of usage. After 365 days, the initial credit of 730 units will run out, since each device has consumed 365 credits. The account will need to be renewed in order to continue usage. 

When a device is suspended by request, the unit carries a 0.1 unit cost per day, so using the above example, if one of the devices was suspended for 1 month, there would be a 2.8 to 3.1 unit charge, depending on the number of days in the month (28 to 31). If a device is deactivated, it will not use any credits, and any remaining credit for that unit can be consumed by the remaining device(s) on the customer account. This billing strategy ensures that airtime is not lost when an animal disappears offline for whatever reason.

How to See Your Data

Solar Flight trackers are able to send their data to a number of 3rd party tracking websites or servers. We currently support Beegletracker, Biolog and Movebank. Movebank is the preferred portal as it offers powerful tools for research and is well supported. We are able to deliver data to multiple destinations so please let us know where you would like your data delivered and we will apply the necessary configurations (we typically deliver data using an HTTP POST but we’re able to customise this according to your needs).

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